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The trick, if you will, is not to simply help you price and promote your home… It is to make a total stranger fall in love with your home for all the right reasons. It is to seduce them to see your home as the only choice, not just the most financially or geographically convenient one. That’s what I bring to the table.


Property Marketing - the difference between love at first sight and a maybe...


It starts with an honest, detailed look at your home. Everything about it - the mood, the smells, the textures, the way the seasons of the day pour into the windows and make the hues of each space change. As a professional stager, I can’t help but see and feel every one of these details. The rearranging of pillows on the sofas, new art on the walls, fresh cut flowers or other lovely touches - none of that happens until we agree on what mood would be most alluring for your ideal prospective buyer. I will then help you change the space to appeal to just that buyer from the first moment they set eyes on it, whether virtually or in person.

Every one of my clients gets the benefit of my years of staging expertise and my meticulously selected collection of art, lighting and accessories, free of charge. I see professional staging as simply a part of our bargain. As a necessary first step to helping your home sell for the highest price the market will bear. As part of my duty to do my job well.

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Professional Photography

Once the property is staged, every room is lovingly captured by a professional photographer. Every intriguing or unique detail is brought into the foreground and captured in a way that will help establish an emotional connection with a prospective buyer. And every photo is then meticulously gone over and enhanced in post production to help create just the right mood in print and on the web.


No matter how desirable your property looks, it needs to be priced right, and while a staged, move-in ready property will generally command a higher price, there are limits to what is reasonable. With my extensive background in research and data crunching - I will price your property just right.


I utilize every outlet I have access to in promoting properties for my sellers. Every listing database that consumers have access to and even social media sites will display your property to potential buyers. I also produce a stunning website for each of the properties I represent.

Here is just one example


Paperwork, inspections, contractor scheduling and a million other things involved in a sale are taken care of by me as a matter of course. That, too, is simply something you shouldn't have to sweat. I will make sure no deadlines are missed, all appointments are kept, and that any problems, should they arise, you are apprised of immediately. Other than that, I will simply keep you in the loop on the progress of the sale in a way that’s most convenient for you and however often you’d like.

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